Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Get Moving.

Try some Slackline

Try some slacklining to increase your balance and proprioceptive skills. Also a great way to have fun in the nature and to relax your mind on something else. You can check out these posts to inspire you...

Get inspired to...Slackline!

Dirtbag Darling I Love: Slackline Girl Dominique Harrison

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happiness is...

Happiness is...

...something we all desperately strive for each day. Although we often search for it the wrong places. If we get that "job" I will be happy, if that person likes me I will be much happier, if I could just go on a major shopping spree I would be very happy, If i lived in a big beautiful house I would be happy. Yes these things can make you happy for sure, I'm not denying that. But what happens if those things are taken away from us in an instant, would our happiness disappear as well. 

If you rely on these things as your main source of happiness, it will block you from living a lasting inner peace. 

So where should we find true happiness... 
Start by focussing on you! The thoughts you choose to think and the way you chose to see your life. Focus on the things you love, think positive, be optimistic, and appreciate every moment, then happiness will just naturally surround you and your life. Negativity comes between you and your happiness. It's like a wall that separates you from living life, unless you think otherwise.

Create happiness by...

Being Positive: Being responsible for how you respond to situations. When a problem arises you can choose to think positively or negatively. Choose positive responses, love over fear, peace over strength and forgiveness over resentment.

Be aware of your thoughts: If you feel low, it could well be that you have been thinking low thoughts throughout the day. Feel what you are thinking and block out what's causing the negative thoughts to enter.

Eat well: Nourish your body and it will nourish your mind which will give you a happy mind. Choose what you eat wisely.

Move your body: Exercise is not overrated! Exercise itself has happy pills ...so why wouldn't you exercise. Do an exercise that you enjoy. Walk on the beach, practise yoga, join a basketball team, surf. By finding something you love will motivate you to do this more often.

Do things that make you happy: The more you do things that make you happy the happier you will be.

Be happy.