Monday, August 27, 2012

Testing the Nike Free Run 3+

Last night I went running in my new shoes, Nike Free Run 3+ for the first time. Now I have to admit that I'm used of wearing my Asics Nimbus, which I haven't changed shoe brand for around 7 years, so at first these new flashy shoes were a bit weird to get used to. They do have much less support then the Nimbus, I don't feel as safe in them but in terms of comfort and weight, they are fantastic. So motivating to tackle a run in such feather light shoes. I wouldn't recommend doing long runs on the bitumen, but off road they are great. I will see in the next couple weeks how they turn out. But for now having flashy, funky shoes that are very light in weight is a huge motivator! So I will just enjoy the fact that I'm getting back into running.

So if you're looking for a motivator to get back into running (providing you are in good shape and you haven't had any serious injuries) then maybe some bright feather-weight Nikes will be that difference. 



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